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Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Landing

Are you seeking a way to experience Everest in the shortest way possible? And without fearing altitude sickness!!!!

If yes, pack some warmer clothes and make few hours of a day free and you are all set to live the epitome of mountain’s bliss.

Exploration around Everest Base Camp by helicopter is growing as a new trend of adventure. The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Landing is tailored perfectly for everyone without the barriers of age and fitness. Children, old age and anyone with reasonable fitness can absolutely be part of the thrill. Besides, whether you travel solo or couple or in groups, you can be part of the helicopter trip. There is a great option of private Everest Base Camp helicopter tour with landing for the ones who want to travel alone or with the selected ones. Along that, group joining in Everest Base Camp tour is for cost sharing and also to say new hello ton people of same interest across the world.

The Helicopter ride commences early in the morning considering the favorable weather condition of the mountains. Usually morning weather is stable and clear in Himalayas. You are seated in comfortable roomy cabins with wide windows in chartered chopper. The helicopter flies above Nagarkot hill bypassing the perennial rivers and green hills and lands at Lukla Airport (2845m/ 9334ft) allied to one of the thrilling airports of the world.

The helicopter flight resumes shortly after filling the fuel. Make the most of the spectacular flight as you fly above cluster houses of Sherpa Villages and Largest monastery of Everest region; Tengboche monastery which is world famous for the powerful mask dance. Your heart shall beat faster as helicopter approaches the tantalizing snowy mountains. While the helicopter winds around Everest, make sure not to blink for a second too. Natures amazing portraits of turquoise lake, whitish snow covered giant rocks; icefall and moraines are tucked beautifully. Not to mention, you can’t wait for helicopter landing in Kalapathar (5545m/ 18500 ft) .
As soon as helicopter lands, safely come out of the chopper and cherish the exhilarating moment of life in the best way possible. Wrap the wonderful experience in your heart, feel the mountain air breathe and importantly don’t let the overwhelming moment slip away without elegant photographic retreat. You got to make memories for life within a stop of 10-15 minutes, standing right in front of Mahalangur range; home to eight thousanders like Mt.Everest (8848m/29028ft), Mt.Lhotse (8516m/27940ft), Cho Oyu (8201m/ 26089ft) and competing peaks like Nuptse (7855m/25770ft), Pumori (7161m/26089ft), Ama dablam (6816m/ 27940ft).

The helicopter can’t land in Kalapathar for longer and for good reason. Within few hours you body experiences different altitudes and staying in higher altitude for longer time abruptly can make you vulnerable to altitude sickness. In contrast, don’t confuse the moment with overall tour. You have abundant time to gaze at mountains from window pane unobstructed; it’s just that you won’t be in Kalapathar for long. In addition, breakfast at one of the highest altitude hotel on planet; Everest View Hotel serves mouthwatering warm delicacies sprinkling the spice of panoramic Mountain Views. After breakfast, you fly back to domestic airport in Kathmandu and are transfer to your hotel.

Highlights of Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Landing
• Doable by every age group and reasonable fitness condition.
• Half an hour scenic flight from Kathmandu to Lukla airport; included in the list of most thrilling airport of the world.
• Catch glimpses of Sherpa towns carved at the foot of mountains
• Fly over touristic and culture central of Everest region such as Namche Bazaar, Tengboche monastery and Gorak Shep. Tengboche monastery is largest in the region and world famous for mask dance.
• Winding flight above mountain ranges like Mt.Everest (8848m/29028ft), Mt.Lhotse (8516m/27940ft), Cho Oyu (8201m/ 26089ft) and competing peaks like Nuptse (7855m/25770ft), Pumori (7161m/26089ft), Ama dablam (6816m/ 27940ft).
• Landing and Photographic break for 10-15 minutes at rewarding vantage point (highest altitude point); Kalapathar (5545m/18500ft)
• Sneak peek at the turquoise lakes, Khumbu glaciers, icefall and moraines
• Warm breakfast at Hotel Everest View which is set beautifully among the Rhododendron forest under the nose of Mahalangur Range.

Best Time for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Landing
Helicopter tours in Everest are accomplishable throughout the year. At the same time, autumn and spring season are busiest.

The winter season (December-January-February) brings chills and snowflakes in Nepal. It seems as Himalayas get their makeover every winter. The whitish pile of snow displays the mountains at their beat state; snowy and wonderful. If you are to do Helicopter ride in Everest in winter, you shall have freshest look of mountains.

Likewise, spring season (March-April-May) bestows a bewildering charm. It settles the weather perfectly and also preserves the snow from winter for awe inspiring look of mountain. In spring there are also less chances of having flight delay and cancellation (thanks to Spring).

After spring, blend of summer and monsoon is welcome in Nepal upon the months of June, July and August. Despite the coolness of rain, the temperature doesn’t go freezing due to summer. The warmth is maintained and rainfall mostly occurs in evening or at night offering clear calm morning. Thus, you can definitely enjoy Everest Base Camp helicopter tour in summer as well.

Furthermore, the autumn season (September-October-November) has tranquility and warmness in its weather. You can absolutely stay assured to enjoy Everest Base camp helicopter flight with landing among the gigantic mountains. Despite the number of tourist is very high, you can certainly slay the tour completely early in the morning without chaos and crowd.

Route of Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Landing
The Himalayan helicopter tour from Kathmandu with Everest Base camp landing follows the route as below:

Step 1: You are picked up from your hotel by company’s representative in private vehicle and transfer to the airport.

Step 2: Board on chartered helicopter and fly to Lukla airport. Fill the fuel in airport and fly bypassing Dingboche, Tengboche monastery and Gorak Shep. Wind around Everest region before landing on Kalapathar.

Step 3: Land on Kalapathar for 10-15 minutes. Have photographic retreat. Observe the mountainous periphery and fly to Everest View Hotel.

Step 4: Enjoy breakfast in Everest View Hotel and fly to Lukla. Refill the chopper and fly back to Kathmandu. Transfer to your hotel from airport in private vehicle.

The Everest Base Camp helicopter flight with landing is an adventure of total 4 hours.

Clothing for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Landing
• Wear warm and comfortable clothes. You can check the clothing list.
• Waterproof and windproof down Jacket
• Warm trousers ( layering is good)
• Hat (silk/ Nylon)
• Sunglasses ( With UV rays protection factor above 20)
• Lip Balm/ Labisan
• Comfortable boot or sneakers with warm socks
• You should also remember to carry
• Water bottle and water
• Camera
• Spare batteries
• Memory Card

Will we land on Everest summit?
• No, we don’t land on Everest summit. We land at kalapathar (5545m/18500ft) which is the best viewpoint and highest altitude of the trip. You shall have unobstructed gaze at Everest summit and its companion.
2. Are pilots experienced?
• Yes, they are. We have reliable and experienced crew who have been serving for over a decade..
3. Do we need special preparation for this?
• No, the Everest Base Camp Helicopter your doesn’t demand special preparation. Anyone can owe the trip with warm clothes.
4. How long do we land in Kalapathar?
• We land for 10-15 minutes only. KAlapathar has an altitude which is approximately triple of Kathmandu’s altitude. Staying in such higher heights for longer period is not good so we resume flight right after 10-15 minutes break.
5. Can children be part of helicopter tour to Everest?
• Of course, they can. The helicopter tour to Everest has no mountain walk or any strenuous activities. Thus, either children or old, everyone can be part of the tour.
6. What documents should we summit for booking?
• A copy of your passport will work for booking the Everest helicopter tour.
7. Do we get altitude sickness in Everest Base Camp helicopter tour?
• We do tour in High altitude but we don’t stay there for longer period. Thus, you are less likely to be affected by the altitude sickness.
8. I am a solo traveler. Can I Join the Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour with landing?
• Definitely, you can. If you would like to travel in solitude, you can choose Private Everest base Camp Helicopter tour with landing. Unlike, you like to meet people of same interest from foreign, be part of group join in Everest base camp Helicopter tour.
9. Do you offer money worth and Best Value Trips without Any Hidden / Extra Cost?
• We are strongly transparent in terms of our services. We do offer money worth services and are worth the trust our customers do on us.
10. Can we / I charter a private helicopter tour to base camp of Mount Everest?
• Yes, you can. We offer services of chartered flights and also Cargo flights, Rescue flights as well as interest flights for movies.
11. Do you carry oxygen tank in helicopter tour?
• Yes, we carry extra oxygen tank in helicopter tour.
12. What happens if the wind is bad?
• We consider your safety first. Thus if weather gets bad prior to helicopter flight we might delay or cancel the flight. You get your refund.
If wind is bad during the flight we do not land in kalapathar for your safety and seek for your co- operation.
13. Can anyone trek to Everest base camp and return by Helicopter either from Kalapathar or base camp or Gorekshep or Lobuche or Pheriche?
• Yes, you can. We arrange helicopter flights if you would like to return by helicopter flight after Everest Base Camp Trek. Just book us call us free directly at +977 9851014557(Bharat) through Whatsapp or Viber.
14. Can you take a helicopter to Everest base camp? Or helicopter day trip to Everest from Kathmandu?
• If needed we are always ready to help you fly to your destination.

Weight Limit for Everest base Camp helicopter tour with landing:
The carrying capacity of helicopter above 4000m is low. Thus, the 3 pax travelling in one flight must have average weight below 240 kg and for 5 pax flying in one flight should be lesser than 480 kg.
We arrange extra shuttle as per weights for safety purpose. Extra shuttle costs extra as well.

Helicopter models used in Everest tour in Helicopter flight:
01. Model of Helicopters (Duel control, Wide Windows with Roomy Cabin)
Made By: Air Bus, France
Model: AS250 H125
Engine Type: Ariel 2D
Passenger Capacity: 6+1
Maximum operating elevation 23,000 FT
Takeoff weight: 2250 KG

02. Model of Helicopters (Duel control, Wide Windows with Roomy Cabin)
Made By: Air Bus, France
Model: AS350b3e
Passenger Capacity: 5+1
Engine Type: Ariel 2D
Maximum Takeoff weight: 2250 KG
Operating elevation up to: 23,000 FT

03. Model of Helicopters (Duel control, Wide Windows with Roomy Cabin)
Manufacturer: Air Bus, France
Model: AS350 FX II
Passenger Capacity: 6+1
Engine Type: LTS – 101 – 700D2
Takeoff maximum weight: 2250 KG
Operation altitude: 19,000 FT

04. Model of Helicopters (Duel control, Wide Windows with Roomy Cabin)
Name: BELL-Jet Ranger 206B III-9N-ALL (Euro copter)
Seat Capacity: 4+1
Maximum Altitude: 23000 FT
Weight takeoff power: 675 KG
Engine Type: 206B-3

Helicopter Technical Specifications:
Key Features: Roomy cabin with wide windows offering best views, Dual control, and Comfortable seats.
The Everest Tour helicopters are well maintained and with versatile features of easy take off and land in small area and doubtful weather. Breakfree Adventures collaborates with country’s best aerial industry and assures for the safest journey. Helicopters in tour are simply outstanding in performance, safety and reliability.

Safety tips for Everest Base Camp helicopter tour with landing
• Do not take caffeine before the flights.
• Keep your seat belt fastened during the flight.
• Do not smoke inside the flying helicopter.
• Do not throw any object from the helicopter flight.
• Do not change your allocated seats.
• Always enter or exit the helicopter from the side and front. Stay visible to pilot.

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