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Everest and Gokyo Lake Helicopter Tour - 1 Day

Everest Gokyo Helicopter Tour

The two masterpieces of nature’s craft; Gokyo Lake and Everest range with its breathtaking fellows in the lap of Himalayas can be experienced at once via Gokyo Everest Base camp helicopter tour. The two weeks long strenuous itinerary chopped to 1 day helicopter tour is ideal for the ones longing to breathe crisp mountain air and experience wilderness with limited vacation time. Our Gokyo Lake Heli tour offers the best opportunity to explore the majestic Everest and the beautiful Gokyo Lake. Astounding wilderness, elegant mountains and pretty lake combine well to take you into a magical world.

Gokyo Lakes is a paradigm of heaven with the most alluring soothing turquoise color. Spellbinding six freshwaster lakes is collectively called Gokyo lakes.  The largest is Thonak Cho covering   65.07 ha (160.8 acres) with most depth of 62.4m (204.72ft) as well. The Gokyo lake or Dudh Pokhari,  Gyazumpa Cho, Tanjung Cho  and Ngojuba Cho are also precious for the charm and ecological pursuit. The oligotrophic lakes are considered sacred by Hindus and Buddhists thus they plunge into lakes for holy baths in festivals like Janai Purnima in full moon of August.

Rise early for the Gokyo lake tour by Helicopter, our representatives’ pick you up early in the morning i8n private vehicle and transfer you to domestic airport. Next you board in chartered helicopter and fly to Lukla bypassing hilly region of the Nepal. The scenic half an hour rides in helicopter lands in Lukla to fill fuel in Helicopter. Then, flight resumes distinctly letting you view the spectacular Everest Region. The largest monastery Tengboche monastery flaunting Tibetan architecture, cluster houses of Sherpa villages and forest of Rhododendrons, Orchids are seen from the helicopter’s window. The chopper ride winds along the Everest mystical realm with turquoise lakes, glaciers and icefall to the gigantic ranges of snow covered rocks.

The Everest Gokyo lake helicopter tour has two landings at beguiling vantage points; Kalapathar(5545m/18500ft) and Gokyo Valley. As you lay eyes on wonderful Mt.Everest from Kalapathar, there are Mt.Lhotse(8516m/27940ft), Mt.Ama-Dablam(6812m/22349ft) on east and Mt.Nuptse(7855m/25770ft), Mt.Pumori(7161m/26089ft), Cho Oyu(8201m/26906ft) on west. The short stop of 10-15 minutes in highest altitude place around Everest region embellishes your journey with memories for lifetime.

The next bewildering stop is Gokyo Lake, brace yourself not to be hypnotized by its beauty. And in cold time of year, the turquoise water resource remains frozen which is amazing in itself. Wander around the lakes and watch Sherpa people lifestyle in such mountainous part. Then you fly to Everest view Hotel for breakfast break. Enjoy breakfast and the surroundings of the hotels trucked artistically among the Rhododendron forest with Everest panoramic view right in front. Mani stones, colorful prayers flags and tasty breakfast wrap the memories of Everest. You fly back following the same route observing the greenery and rivers of Nepal.

Highlights of everest gokyo lake helicopter tour

  • Shortest yet rewarding tour without requiring the trekking experience.
  • Flawless for every age travelers including children and  old aged
  • Gaze at the world’s highest  mountain Mt.Everest and its companions ; Mt.Lhotse(8516m/27940ft), Mt.Ama-Dablam(6812m/22349ft) on east and Mt.Nuptse(7855m/25770ft), Mt.Pumori(7161m/26089ft), Cho Oyu(8201m/26906ft) on west  breathing the cool pinnacle air at Kalapathar(5545m/18500ft)view point.
  • Be amazed to see turquoise Gokyo Lake after landing in Gokyo valley, glaciers and icefalls encompassing Nepal’s largest glacier; Khumbu glacier, magnetic Lobuche Lake, Changri Shar glacier, Tanjung Cho, Khumbu Icefall and many more.
  • Fly over the eight thousanders and peep at the overwhelming beauty of mystical Nepal; green forest, winding rivers, clustered traditional houses and centuries old settlements.
  • Private and group flights available

Best time for everest gokyo tour by helicopter

If you look forward to witness the epic surreal Himalayas of alluring Nepal accompanied by the tantalizing turquoise Gokyo lakes; you are warmly welcomed at every seasons and time of the year.

Yet, spring season (March-April-May), autumn (September-October- November) and late winter of February are the busiest and most adored. Spring season transform the green Rhododendron forest to reddish and colorful wild flowers bloom sprinkling intoxicating wild fragrance. Besides, autumn has warmer and less variation in weather pattern. In addition, Trekkers recommend late winter for the great unobstructed view of mountains despite chills of mountain.

Everest gokyo lake helicopter tour route

You are picked up from your hotel in a private vehicle early in the morning and transfer to airport for the Flight. In case of group joining Everest Base Camp tour also you will be picked up in private van along with your fellow travelers from different location. On return as well, you are drop to your hotel.

The 4-5 hours tour of a day gifting the dramatic fruitful adventures of life covers the following different route:

Step 1: Fly from Kathmandu Airport (1300m) over Nagarkot hills, forests and rivers to Lukla Airport (2642m) and fill fuel in helicopter.

Step 2: Fly to Everest Base Camp passing Tengboche Monastery, Khumbu glaciers and villages of Everest region before winding to Everest Base Camp and landing on Kalapathar (5545m/18500ft) for 5-10 minutes. Enjoy jaw dropping mountain views and photographic retreat.

Step 3: Fly to Gokyo valley and land for about 30 minutes. Observe the pristine ambience of nature with glacial lakes and wide yak pastureland.

Step 4:  Watch spectacular views of mountains from Kalapathar and resume flight to Everest View Hotel for breakfast.

Step 4: After breakfast fly to Lukla- refuel the helicopter-and fly back to Kathmandu

Weight limit for everest gokyo valley helicopter tour

The carrying capacity of the helicopter is 500kgs at maximum with 5 pax.  The carrying capacity of the helicopter at mountains above 4000m is only 240 kg.

The helicopter adjusts 2 pax, 3 pax, 4 pax and 5 pax. It flies straight from Lukla to Everest Base camp in case the pax is lesser than 3 with maximum total weight of 250 kg. On the other hand if pax exceeds three and weight is greater than 250 kg, two shuttles must be taken from Pheriche(4371m). The extra shuttle cost extra. For group joining in Everest tour, the cost is divided among travelers while in private Everest tour you pay extra dollars on your own.

Helicopter tour to Everest base camp Gokyo valley cost

The tour cost solely depends on the facilities you want to utilize in the trek and the size of your group. Travelling with more people in group certainly lets you to tour in lesser price.

Why with us?

You might land on numerous sites persuading you to book with them. Here are some salient reasons why Everest Base Camp Heli Tour stands out in services from other:

  • Devoted to providing  services to clients to the most satisfactory level
  • Ensures safety of the clients and serves as most responsible tour operator
  • Has successfully hosted 200+ holiday packages
  • Best price ranges without hidden cost
  • hassle free booking and reservations
  • 24/7 customer care and communication available
  • Everest tour in most reliable helicopter models flown by experienced crew
  • Refund in case of bad weather flight cancellation.

Payment options for Everest Gokyo tour by helicopter

You can make your payment either by credit cards or PayPal or in cash. Using credit cards and PayPal charge you extra 4% for the bank fees.

Cancellation policy:

Cancellations made 30 days or more in advance of the helicopter tour, will receive a 100% refund. Cancellations made within 15-29 days and 7-14 days prior will incur a 10% and 20% of the total Everest Helicopter tour respectively. The deposit is not refundable too. If your cancellation is less than a week advance, you get only 50% refund from the total cost of Helicopter tour to Everest.

Cancellation requests made within 24 hours of the Helicopter tour operation do not receive a refund.  The cancellation request from email or phone both is accepted. When you book the tour, you agree to these terms.

Clothing and preparations for everest gokyo valley tour by helicopter

Here are some useful travel tips. Check them out:

  • Do not intake caffeine or alcoholic products during tour to avoid altitude sickness attack. Flying from lower altitude to higher altitude of Everest is likely to hit you with altitude sickness but one step precautions proves to be your savior.
  • While travelling carrying some snacks and drinking water always saves you from unexpected hunger and thirst.
  • Experiencing the Everest and capturing the moment in lens certainly does not sound great. In a private tour you can hire a professional Photographer and a guide to make the most of the trip.

Clothing lists:

  • Full/ half sleeve T-shirts
  • Down Jacket
  • Warm trousers
  • Sunglasses with 100% UV protection
  • Boot
  • Camera/ hand phones/ Spare Batteries

Safety tips for Everest Gokyo helicopter tour

  • Fasten your seat belts properly and standing up during flight is strictly prohibited.
  • Smoking is not allowed in flights.
  • Throwing out any object from helicopter during flight can be dangerous.
  • You must wait for the signal to reach the helipad.
  • Sitting in an allocated seat is must.

How safe is Everest base camp Gokyo lake helicopter tour?

Everest Gokyo helicopter tour with landing helicopter models We host tour with reliable and experienced crew. For your safety, we never operate tours during bad weather. We also carry extra Oxygen tanks for your safety.  We fully assure your safety and you can check out some helicopter models used in helicopter tour to Everest region.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour with landing helicopter models:

  1. Model of Helicopters (Duel control, Wide Windows with Roomy Cabin)

Made By: Air Bus, France

Model: AS250 H125

Engine Type: Ariel 2D

Passenger Capacity: 6+1

Maximum operating elevation 23,000 FT

Takeoff weight: 2250 KG

  1. Model of Helicopters (Duel control, Wide Windows with Roomy Cabin)

Made By: Air Bus, France

Model: AS350b3e

Passenger Capacity: 5+1

Engine Type: Ariel 2D

Maximum Takeoff weight: 2250 KG

Operating elevation up to: 23,000 FT

  1. Model of Helicopters (Duel control, Wide Windows with Roomy Cabin)

Manufacturer: Air Bus, France

Model: AS350 FX II

Passenger Capacity: 6+1

Engine Type: LTS – 101 – 700D2

Takeoff maximum weight: 2250 KG

Operation altitude: 19,000 FT

  1. Model of Helicopters (Duel control, Wide Windows with Roomy Cabin)

Name: BELL-Jet Ranger 206B III-9N-ALL (Euro copter)

Seat Capacity: 4+1

Maximum Altitude: 23000 FT

Weight takeoff power: 675 KG

Engine Type: 206B-3

Helicopter Technical Specifications:

Key Features: Roomy cabin with wide windows offering best views, Dual control, and Comfortable seats.

The Everest Tour helicopters are well maintained and with versatile features of easy take off and land in small area and doubtful weather. We are collaborates with country’s best aerial industry and assures for the safest journey. Helicopters in tour are simply outstanding in performance, safety and reliability.

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